Ina Nico

PR Manager – Milan

Ina definitely picked the right profession, speaking 5 languages. She manages the international press and digital communications of Hogan in Milan. Her calm attitude and her true professionalism make her stand above the fashion drama which could well be lurking around every corner in Milan. She also knows one or two things about art, music and books and is deeply rooted in the south of Italy, where she comes from originally.
What´s the most important sense to you?
Sight is vision, sight is light and life. It leads to the aesthetic and, as a Russian poet wrote, the aesthetic is “the mother of the ethic”.
The sight could be a landscape as well as the words of a book.
The sight is word.
What´s your vision for your work? 
The importance of sharing information, a touch of creativity and sense of humor.
What is the most beautiful thing you ever saw? 
Can I answer in 30 years?
When was the last time you gave back and what did you do?
Small things. Today I bought Easter eggs to help cancer research.
Do you have a vision to make this place a better one? 
Living more close to the nature and respect people.
What´s your picture for I WISH U SUN?
A couple of clouds.
Sunrise or sunset?
I’m a greedy person: sunrise and sunset. On the sea, please.