Sönke Möhring

Actor – Berlin

With parts in movies like Quentin Tarantino’s “Inglorious Basterds”, Philipp Kadelbach’s “Hindenburg” and Juan Antonio Bayona’s “The Impossible” alongside Naomi Watts and Ewan McGregor, Sönke is making his way as an actor on an international level.
He snagged his first big movie role in the Thriller “Anatomy 2” with his older brother Wotan Wilke Möhring 10 years ago.
Sönke stays true to Berlin, has just become the proud father of a baby boy, and values family life over glamorous red carpet appearances.
His mix of laidback coolness, seriousness, sensibility and great humour make every performance truly worth watching.

“The Impossible” was screened in Autumn 2012 and is out on DVD from the 23rd of April 2013

What´s the most important sense to you?
Very hard to pick out only one, but if I need to decide it would be seeing.

Its my inspiration for my work and life in general.

As a creative person, what´s your vision for your personal work?
No vision, just do it and follow the flow. As long as its feels good things are on its way.

What is the most beautiful thing you ever saw?
My son.

When was the last time you gave back and what did you do?
I try to give back something everyday. It’s called good behaviour and believing on the good side of life.

Do you have a vision to make this place a better one?
Listen, be respectful and tolerant. Try to understand or act!

What character would you really like to play in a movie?
A cowboy (ok one of the very few good ones of course!)

Probadly based on my childhood memories.

What´s your movie for IWISHUSUN?
Little Miss Sunshine.