Mr Kozendranath, 68

Mr Kozendranath lives Monohopur, a village of Jibannagar. Although most poeple here are educated the main occupation ist still agriculture. Forcing the farmers into direct sunlight day in day out.
Mr Kozendranath is a farmer and lost sight in his right eye completely. His condition worsenend when his second eye also showed signs of early stages of cataract.
Making it almost impossible for him to carry out his profession. Fortunately supported by ORBIS and IWISHUSUN, the Ispahani Eye Hospital subsequently will restore his sight.It’s Mr Kozendranath’s first visit. This surgery will undoubtely transform his live and he will be able to work.
The hospital offers a cataract center, a low vision center, cornea and glaucoma departments and an ORBIS-trained eye care team providing more specialized treatments. The emphasis is on quality eye care for all socio-economic sections of society. The treatment for every patient is of the same quality, though the facilities vary according to the choice the patient makes. Mr. M.A. Ispahani, when he founded the hospital, wanted to ensure that facilities were available for those who cannot afford to pay.