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We all know that sight is very important to us. But sight a gift, an ability that we shouldn’t take for granted: the World Health Organisation states that there are 39 million blind people worldwide but 80 percent of these suffer from preventable blindness. IWISHUSUN was founded to change this and to save as many people as possible. In the past year you have helped us decreasing this number by ordering our products and saving an eye with every IWISHUSUN item sold. Since we consider transparency to be of the utmost importance here, we want to show you those who benefited from your support. Therefore our “People” section introduces you to the people in Bangladesh who have been helped by our partner ORBIS International, the non-profit organisation that has been saving sight and helping the blind for more than 30 years.

Kod Banu, aged 55, has been operated by ORBIS’ doctors. For one and a half years she has had problems with her eyes and for the last month she couldn’t see at all. She couldn’t work, cook, keep my house clean or feed her children. Her husband is bed-ridden and because she was unable to farm they had little money. Kod Banu was desperate thinking her family was cursed. After several other stops she arrived at the hospital where a cataract operation saved her: “Now I can keep my house well, my vision is very good and I can look after my children again. Thank you for helping me!”

Photography: ORBIS.