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Nico Zeh

Co-founder of MADE – Berlin

Just moments after we went live on November 28th 2012 he ordered his down jacket and made history by being the first customer of IWISHUSUN! Berlin-based Nico Zeh is a creative connector. He does not only bring together artists from diverse disciplines, but is an experienced multitasker himself: Together with contemporary artist tadiROCK and with the support of Absolut Vodka he founded MADE in early 2010 - a gallery, workspace, studio, stage, laboratory and performance space that invites artists to step out of their artistic routines. In their 430 square metre space, housed in a seventies East German high-rise on Alexanderplatz, his job falls somewhere between a curator, marketing strategist and matchmaker.

Nico Zeh has been a supporter of IWISHUSUN since the very beginning and we are very happy to welcome him as a friend.

Which of the senses is the most important to you?

The heart.


I see the heart as the mother of all senses. The heart is everything, there will be no life without it.

As a creative person, what is your vision for your personal work?

I try to stay true and honest to myself and my principles in everything that I do. Only through this, can the work – any kind of action – truly shine and represent your own personal development and growth towards your own truth.
It is the art of looking into the heart and connecting to ourselves, by listening, understanding and believing. From this one can build and grow

What is the most beautiful thing you ever saw?

My baby daughter’s first smile.

When was the last time you gave back and what did you do?

I try to give back in everything I do. To give whatever you can in the present moment, a smile, a laugh, money, a helping hand, a hook up or just your listening ears is more powerful than you can imagine.
For me it all goes back to the purpose of any action - would you do it if nobody is watching?
I feel that beneath every gift is the understanding that the universe is abundant and that you lose nothing by giving away what you have. Through this I feel free and not attached to anything and bring myself in a situation where others see that I give with love… good things come back to me.

Do you have a vision to make this place a better one?

We need to look deep inside ourselves first and find our own calling, before we go and try to change the world. We can only change ourselves, and spread this change from one person to the next by being the example. It is a driving force for me to inspire, as inspiration is the key to open peoples hearts and minds. Through me being able to inspire others and help them grow they can in return help me grow. This is my vision.

Who is your personal hero?

I don’t really have a personal hero. Many people have and still influence and inspire me throughout my life: from Bob Marley, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Bruce Lee, my wife and daughter and more. I try to find the connection with these figures, understand their essence and in a way ride their wave.
Heroes show you a path through life. By following their questions and trying to understand their answers I feel like I am getting closer to my own purpose and life itself every single day.

What is your picture for I WISH U SUN?

I hope I WISH U SUN continues to be a hero.

Photo: Bella Lieberberg.