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April | 2013 | IWISHUSUN
Monatsarchive: April 2013


Screen shot 2013-04-30 at 3.17.54 PM

wonderful visuals by i need more rings! ineedmore.de

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Pepe Danquart


Pepe Danquart Director – Berlin Pepe received international recognition when he bagged an Oscar in 1994 for his short film “Schwarzfahrer”. Since then he hasn’t stopped filming and writing. Pepe has a big heart for underdogs and the socially outcast

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‘The artist is present’ ! – contemporary cinema @ SOHO house Berlin


Yesterday night we had the pleasure to host „Contemporary Cinema“, a very special event at Soho House with IWISHUSUN. Berlin´s finest, our dearest friends and supporters joined for an evening of movies in the private cinema of Soho. The purpose

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Direct Donation


If you want to support our cause and thought of donating a larger sum to ORBIS you can click our DIRECT DONATION button which is directly linked to our ORBIS fundraising page, which started today. Help us to make people

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Buddhist Monk Benefits from ORBIS


“Buddhist Monk Benefits from ORBIS’s First Mission to Cambodia: Surprise in Store for Young Man’s Family Twenty-three-year-old Bunthoeuom Song, a Buddhist monk, reverted to traditional methods of healing when an insect flew into his eye, causing immense pain and corneal

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Battersea Power Station London


Battersea Power Station has been crumbling away since shutting more then 30 years ago, but its landmark four chimneys still enjoy iconic status. Built in 1933, the Grade II listed structure now faces a new future. Battersea Power Station is

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Mr Idris


Mr Idirs, 50 Mr Idris lives in Bamungaon Manda – state of assam, one of the country’s rural areas with no access to medical treatments, miles away from the nearest vision clinic. This is his first visit to the clinic.

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Vanessa Leyssner & Fran Jahnke


Vanessa Leyssner & Fran Jahnke Jewellery Designer – New York/ Berlin Vanessa Leyssner and Fran Jahnke started their jewellery label INEEDMORERINGS in 2012. Their regular jobs as grafic designer (Vanessa) and film producer (Fran) kept them busy anyway but their

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the wrinkles of the city by JR


“After a first piece last week, JR has been busy in Germany where he completed several new pieces on the streets of Berlin. In town for his “Wrinkles Of The City” project, the French artist new pieces are including portraits

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Sunrise indicates a new beginning, a fresh start. It is something to admire and has inspired many. The sunrise brings brightness into life and inspires people to start the day with energy and intensity. It gives us immense pleasure and

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