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Mai | 2013 | IWISHUSUN
Monatsarchive: Mai 2013

Kozva Rigaud


Kozva Rigaud Photoagent – Berlin Kozva´s agency Shotview with offices in Vienna and Berlin is representing the finest photographers and stylists. International talents like Horst Diekgerdes, Thomas Schenk and Erwin Wurm are with Shotview, also german photographers like Markus Pritzi

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Hello Teresa !


We would like to introduce our newest team member Teresa Köster. Welcome on board! Style.de met Teresa for a short Interview. Have a look and get to know her ! style.de

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sneak peak


great things to come at IWISHUSUN, we can hardly wait any longer

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Mr Uddin


Mr Uddin, 60 Dosoti Manda Naogaon, Farmer, 4 days ago

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IWISHUSUN – production team


We had a brilliant time at the IWISHUSUN- fashionshoot last weekend. It prooved that you CAN accomplish greatness with a great team in a great working environment…..!!! Thank you all so much for taking time to do this. Until then

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Cyclone Mahasen – dangerously beautiful

A storm lights up the sky above the Yang

Dangerously beautiful: Cyclone Mahasen is heading towards Bangladesh, Burma, Sri Lanka and India. Bangladeshi people gather to watch the sea as cyclone Mahasen heads towards Chittagong. More than 1 million people took refuge in shelters in the region, including in

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Ispahani Eye Institute and Hospital


The lovely receptionist at the information desk of the Ispahani Islamia Eye Institute and Hospital in Bangladesh. She is one of many talented and caring nurses. This years World Nurses Day was celebrated in the Hospital with the promotion of

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Marina Abramovic made them cry


Portraits taken during the MoMA‘s exhibit of performance artist “Marina Abramović: The Artist Is Present”. Abramović sits at a table in silence, and museum guests can sit across from her and stare. Some people couldn’t handle the heat. Tumblr by:

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Sound of Thought Podcats by John Osborn


‘Delving downward into his bag of tricks to piece together the eleventh session in this series is none other than John Osborn, delivering in the calculated, clinical fashion that we have come to so closely associate with the man.’ –

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Jamie Lidell – Tour de Jour 2013


Great backstage & behind the scenes pictures of IWISHUSUN ambassador Jamie Lidell . He has toured Europe and the States over the last two months, where he presented his ecletic new album. Praising the “old school Lidell fans” along with

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